Thursday, 2 June 2016

I Don’t Even Know What Illuminati is- Charly Boy Denounces Group

Charly Boy is a man who is literally married to controversy. Well, age is catching fast on the entertainer and he is trying to put a lot of misunderstood things about him right. Remember, there was a time it was alleged he loved sleeping inside caskets and also he was accused of heading the Illuminati group in Nigeria. He has finally addressed all these allegations.
He denied sleeping in caskets “It is very comfortable and that’s the final resting place for all of us. I don’t know why we are scared about it. Actually, the truth is I was doing a casket commercial for my friend, Tunji, the owner of MIC. So that was how that picture came up but I sleep on my bed. I don’t sleep in caskets.” He said
To make people understand him better and why he has been tagged a controversial man, he said “I think a lot, that is my job. I am a journalist.
I talk about all the things that affect me, that affect my loved one, things that affect other people. So, I have always been talking since I became Charly Boy. I have always had opinions about somethings happening. First, I am a journalist and I keep telling you that before anything else. So, I write a lot. I am a social commentator of some sort. My job is to call the attention to the things that are awesome and to react when I see the things that are not good at all.”
He has denounced the Illuminati group he was alleged to be heading “Na una talk am, no bi me talk am. I don’t even know what Illuminati is. I have asked if they are the people who give us light. They said, no, it is a cult that. I wonder why I am so broke.

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