Thursday, 2 June 2016

Corruption Can't Be Curbed Without Infringing On People's Rights - Tom Adaba

The pioneer Director-General of Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC),Tom Adaba, has thrown his weight behind the anti-corruption fight of the President Muhammudu Buhari-led administration by scoring it between 70 and 80 percent. Adaba spoke this morning while featuring on 'Focus Nigeria', an informative talk show of African Independent Television (AIT), where first the year of the present administration is being assessed, stressing that "it is very hard to fight corruption without stepping on toes or infringe on people's rights.

The elder statesman said that though he (Adaba) is not and would never support impunity and/or recklessness on the part of the government, which itself is a form of corruption, "it is almost practically impossible to successfully prosecution anti-corruption crusade without clashing with people's rights."
Meanwhile, he emphasized that the Buhari-led administration will have to do more in information dissemination if it must continue to earn the citizenry's confidence because they (the citizens) would believe rumours and/or speculations when the government fails to inform them promptly and adequately on issues of governance.
The ex-DG of NBC added that the present administration should be given little more time for the country's economy to boost. "Though I am not an economist or expert in the related field, I believe that once the anti-corruption crusade is vigorously and effectively pursued and won, the economy would pick up afterward."

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