Wednesday, 4 May 2016

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Sex Life

It's revealed the best sex positions for your Zodiac sign.

Why do you think the chat up line "What's Your Sign?" is one of the oldest in the book?

Well apparently, your star sign can reveal a lot about your sexual personality, fetishes and fantasies.

Whether the stars are aligned or not, you’re bound to blow her mind if you know all about these dreamy sex positions.

Aries women are passionate and adventurous in bed. The ram is happy to take charge so moves like Cowgirl that put her in the spotlight are winners.
Girl on Top allows her to have the most control of her orgasm because she can move as fast or slow as she likes and the depth of the motion is up to her.

This sign is most sensual sign of the Zodiac and Taurean women enjoy long sessions of foreplay where you both give and receive.
Set the mood with candles, rose petals fine wine to stimulate the senses and then slip into Missionary because it’s best for feeling a deep connection during sex.

Geminis prefer quick steamy sex sessions to long sensual ones.
Their favourite sex positions are rear-entry ones like Doggy Style or a spin on it where she’s lying down.
It allows for deep strokes or quick shallow ones and she can cross her legs to control her climax.

Kinky Cancers aren’t up for any bog standard positions so they enjoy the Stand and Carry.
In case you don’t know, it’s when a woman wraps her legs around the man’s hips while he’s standing.
The stand and carry is great for feeling close to your partner but it’s also energetic and passionate.

Lions are very romantic but also in tune with their primal instincts.
Having sex in the Facing Spoon position so you can stare into each others eyes while you let your hands wander drives them wild.

Humble Virgos like to keep things clean and simple so they enjoy a variation on old classic.
Similar to Missionary, this one involves her lying on the edge of the bed with her knees up in the air as the man enters diagonally.
It allows for maximum clitorial pleasure as well.

Libra women long for equality and sensual balance in their relationship.
A move where she can both give and receive, like 69, will make sure she’s satisfied.

The sexiest of all the signs, fiery Scorpios are smouldering and mysterious. Scorpio ladies enjoy the Pretzel which is a mix between Doggy and Missionary so she can lie comfortably while enjoying deep penetration.
Try it out by kneeling down and having her straddle you while lying on her side.

Spontaneous, sexy and wild, this sign enjoys the risk of doing it in public.
But behind closed doors Sagittarius ladies love Reverse Cowgirl because they don’t like to be held down and like to express themselves through sex.

Serious but insatiable, Capricorn women what an emotional connection and physical ecstasy at the same time. The Scissor sex position lets you get touchy-feely at the same time.

Aquarians enjoy creativity and imaginative sex rather than getting mushy and close. A quirky option like the Waterfall is a good shout.
It’s when the man tips himself off the edge of the bed and she straddles you. Then swap around so you both experience a mind-blowing orgasm while the blood rushes to your head.

Pisces girls are sensitive, nurturing souls who want their partner to be happy.
The Spooning position where both your bodies fit together with lots of close contact because they like to feel the attachment and intimacy.

Source: Daily Star.

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