Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Comedian Bill Cosby Admits Agency Lined Up Women He Plied with Drugs and 'Good Meals'

Bill Cosby had an agency sending women -- up to 6 per week -- to his TV studio, where he filled them with pills, booze and fancy meals before having sex with them ... according to Cosby's own testimony.
Cosby admitted giving at least one of the women -- who was 17 at the time -- a "very, very good meal" before a sexual encounter that included the girl masturbating him with lotion.
His confessions came during 2005 and 2006 depositions in the Andrea Constand civil case -- which he eventually settled.
During the testimony he also said he paid off some of the women through agents ... in order to keep it secret from his wife.
His testimony was first released by the AP.
Cosby's preliminary hearing in the criminal case with Constand -- for felony sexual assault -- is scheduled to begin Tuesday morning in Pennsylvania.

Source: TMZ.
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