Sunday, 10 April 2016

Will Smith Shot Dead After Car Crash, Wife Wounded

FORMER NFL star Will Smith has been shot dead, according to reports.

Smith, 34, was reportedly involved in a car crash before he was fatally shot.
The defensive end, who played for the New Orleans Saints, was killed in New Orleans' Garden District, the Times-Picayune newspaper reports.

A police spokesman, who did not officially identify Smith as the dead man, said the victim and his wife were involved in a minor car collision before the incident.
The driver of the other car fired multiple shots following an exchange of words, according to the report.
It is understood Smith and his wife were driving in a Mercedes G63 SUV.

His wife was wounded in the shooting.
A suspect has been arrested, it has been reported.
Smith was part of the team that won the Super Bowl in 2010.
His former teammates have been paying tribute to the star on Twitter.

Junior Gallette said: "I didn't get along with him at all but it feels as if my own brother died."
Jermon Bushrod added: "We're praying for the Smith family. I'm hurt to hear about this news."

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