Thursday, 7 April 2016

Photos: Chinese Builder Takes A Nap on A Strand of Rope

A Chinese man has attracted attention in his local area by performing a remarkable feat of balance - falling asleep on a single strand of rope used as a make-shift hammock.
Fu Hong, a 45-year-old builder from Bijie, Guizhou province, south-west China, is known locally for hanging up his rope horizontally around town and laying down on it with perfect balance.
He is even called 'Mr Rope-Sleeper' by his colleagues on the construction site and his impressive antics first started to go viral on the internet five years ago.

Despite the fact that he is short in stature, Fu is endowed with powerful muscles gained from his work on the construction site and says he has never been a fan of performing Kung Fu.

However he is able to lie completely flat on the rope without any visible wobbles and remain there, rather like a martial arts master from a historical drama.
When Fu was spotted wowing tourists with his stunt at a train station in October 2010, People's Daily Online reported that he had once performed the feat for over an hour.
Fu's colleagues also told reporters how he is a hard-working, modest but undeniably talented person to work with when he isn't doing his party trick.
He has now returned to his hometown, which is being featured for redevelopment by the Chinese government, and is helping work on the construction there.

The builder was challenged by members of the local media to see if he can still pull off his trademark stunt five years after he first shot to fame, and confirmed that it was simple for him to do.
Fu says there is a piece of rope hanging in his house the whole time and that he gets some much-needed rest on it whenever he’s free to do so.
However, he says he wanted to keep this quiet because he didn’t mean to become famous and confirmed that all he really wanted was the ordinary life of a farmer. 

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