Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Woman Kills Husband Before Skinning and Cooking Corpse to Serve to His Three Children

ABATTOIR worker Katherine Knight stabbed her husband 37 times before hanging his skin from meat hooks.
The 60-year-old tortured her victim John Price until his final moments and took his head as a souvenir.
Police found John's head boiling on the stove and slices of his buttocks which had been prepared for dinner for his three children
Knight became the first Australian woman to be sentenced to life without parole in 2001.
The story became infamous and was immortalised in the book Blood Stain by Peter Lalor.

And now the country's most gruesome murder will be made into a feature film.
Author Peter said: "I got scared reading the script, It’s made for cinema.
“What really struck me was how ordinary looking she was. (She wore) a nice frock and a crucifix around her neck, as you do when you’re facing a murder charge.”
In the weeks after the murder, Lalor spoke with a number of Knight's ex-partners who had been abused by her.

He added: “The were coal miners, truck drivers, tough Australian blokes
“The majority cried talking about her and the abuse that she inflicted on them."
Peter added: "She had a history of malevolence and a mental illness; borderline personality disorder.
“That’s in no way an excuse, nor is the abuse in her own family.
"She was sick but there was a streak of evil in her. It was an act of revenge, but it wasn’t done in the heat of the moment.”

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