Thursday, 17 March 2016

Ugandan Newspaper Publishes Nude Photos of a Senator Having Sex With a Prostitute (18+ Photos)

The Ugandan Red Paper Newspapers has published nude photos of senator Ayena Odongo screen grabbed from an anonymously leaked video that is making all rounds on social media, the old Member of Parliament shows off his extremely immodest sexual behaviour while appearing completely nude in various sex scenes with one unidentified woman.

The video, runs for almost 20 minutes, and the legislator exhibited all kinds of sex styles as seen in the video.

Ayena Odongo later sued the Red Pepper publication to court for allegedly defaming him when they published nude photos of him while in intimacy relationship with a woman.

According to court records, the Red Pepper published photos depicting MP Ayena having sexual relations with a female in what is clearly a private setting, where peeping Toms, snoops and voyeurs can't be.

The MP's wife Hilda Marris Ayena, is a joint complainant in the case that was filed before the High Court in Kampala yesterday. 

She states that regardless of what her husband did, the tabloid newspaper had no right to publish his nude photos given the private nature of the actions depicted therein and that they were not worthy at all to be published.

In her affidavit, Hilda states that the publication never obtained his consent before running them.

“The respondent (Red Pepper) had no other intention but to unjustly enrich itself by serving prurient interests while embarrassing my husband and causing distress, humiliation, anguish and pain to (the) family,” reads Hilda's affidavit in support of her husband's suit.

Adding: “the impugned publications have exposed my husband, our children and me to all manner of indignity, stigma and ridicule from sections of society who can identify us in connection with the publications.”
Mrs Ayena says in the affidavit that she has received numerous phone calls and judgmental glances from neighbours and other people with whom they have hitherto freely interacted.

The Ayenas, through Centre for Legal Aid, want court to order the tabloids to stop publishing more of such nude and private pictures and that they should be compensated with Shilling five billion in punitive damages.

They also want court to order the Red Pepper and its sister publications to run an apology in the same ‘frequency' and ‘prominence' that they gave the nude photos.
Court had by press time not summoned the editors of Red Pepper and its sister tabloids to file in their defense before the case can be fixed for hearing.

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