Thursday, 10 March 2016

Two Strangers Who Look Identical (Live On Other Sides Of The World) Meet For The First Time...

Maddy Renslow, 22, from Washington, USA, and Amber Eckart, 23, from Perth, Australia, were suprised at how similar they looked / Mercur¿y Press
MADDY Renslow, 22, from Washington, USA, and Amber Eckart, 23, from Perth, Australia, could not believe how similar they looked when they came face to face in Hollywood two weeks ago - and even their boyfriends struggled to tell them apart.
Upon meeting, Amber even decided to dye her hair purple to match newfound doppelgänger Maddy's - leaving both of the girl's boyfriends astounded at just how similar the girls were when they arrived to meet them.
Maddy and Amber found each other on, a website which matches doppelgängers from all over the world, and initially both thought the other’s profile picture on the site was a photo of them.

Maddy said: "When I first met Amber, it really kind of felt natural, like meeting a long lost friend. We instantly connected.
When the girls' boyfriends arrived to meet them, both were astounded at similarity / Mercur¿y Press

"Tito (Maddy's boyfriend) was actually pretty shocked to see just how much Amber and I did look alike in person.
"We both had similar mannerisms that we didn't even notice until other people pointed them out. We'd be sitting or standing in the same exact position or do something at the same time - it was very bizarre.
"It was life changing for me. I was really nervous beforehand, but I am SO glad I went through with it. I met some of the greatest people I have ever met.

"I didn't think I could be so sad about saying goodbye to people I had only known for a few days."
Maddy, a hair stylist, lives more than 10,500 miles away from Amber, an administrative assistant.
Perhaps even more scary, the ‘twin stranger’ duo both have tattoos, as well as attending beauty school and even graduating in the same year.

Amber said: "Callum saw the photos before we met and could instantly see the resemblance, but seeing us in person together he was totally convinced.
"I signed up to Twin Strangers and after a few months on the site Maddy signed up and matched me, I couldn't believe it when I saw her face.
"I then received an email from Twin Strangers, and as the photo loaded of Maddy's face I actually thought it was my face at first.
"The experience was unforgettable. It was really incredible to be able to meet my lookalike from the other side of the world."

Culled from The Sun.

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