Monday, 14 March 2016

Pop Icon David Bowie's Mysterious Self-Portrait Sells For £5k in Auction

THIS eerie David Bowie self-portrait is expected to be make a staggering £5,000 at auction.

The music legend plunged millions of fans around the world into mourning after his death on January 10.
The iconic 69-year-old died from liver cancer in his New York apartment.
It emerged the pop icon had been diagnosed with the illness for 18 months but had not made the news public.

He donated the self-portrait he named DHEAD to a charity exhibition in Edinburgh. The collector who is selling it now is understood to have had since snapping it up at the 1998 display.

The painting was submitted to Wednesday's contemporary art sale shortly after Bowie's death.
Valuers at Lyon & Turnbull, an Edinburgh-based fine art auctioneers, have put a huge £5,000 price tag on the artwork.

Charlotte Riordan, picture specialist at the firm, said: "Best known of course as a singer/songwriter, Bowie's entire career was spent actively blurring the lines between the art forms of music, performance and design; the visual playing as big a part as the aural."
Bowie's paintings focused on abstract head studies influenced by the bizarreness of the 1930s era German Expressionist art.

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