Wednesday, 9 March 2016

50 Cent Admits He Flashed Fake Cash On Instagram After Creditors Claimed He Was Hiding Millions

Even though 50 Cent has been working hard to convince the courts that he’s too poor to pay his debts while still flaunting stacks of cash for his social media fans…the truth is in his accounts. Millions and millions of truths…
According to TMZ, Fifty says he was flashing fake cash:
The rap star has responded in court docs filed Tuesday to allegations he’s hiding money from his creditors in his bankruptcy case. The creditors saw 50’s slew of social media posts in which he showcased stacks of money.

But 50 now says the Benjamins are phony pics and he’s not hiding assets … it’s all for show, to maintain his persona. However, last week he filed documents showing the court he has 65 MILLION in assets.

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