Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Woman Who Masturbates Every Day With 10 SEX Toys Can't Orgasm Says 'Her Vagina Won't Do It Anymore'

A YOUNG woman who loves her sex toys like they're her "pets" just can’t reach the big O.

Megan Ward has spent more than three years trying and failing to achieve an orgasm.
Despite pleasuring herself every day with a drawer full of vibrators, the 20-year-old is constantly left unsatisfied.
She was eventually diagnosed with anorgasmia – a sex disorder meaning she can’t climax – which shockingly affects as many as one in 15 women.
Writing for student newspaper The Tab, Megan revealed that she’s been desperately trying out every possible way to climax but it still remains out of reach.

She said: "I now own 10 different kinds of vibrators, among many other sex toys which would make your grandma's eyes bleed.
"While I love them all in the same way most people love their pets – and admittedly the Magic Wand has changed my life – they still don't produce the big O from me.
"My vagina, she tries, bless her, but it's just not something she can do."
Megan, who’s studying at Birmingham University, was worried about how people would react when she spoke out about her frustrating problem – thinking she’d be branded “weird” or “pathetic”.

But the youngster was glad that she opened up when she was inundated with messages from supporters.
Megan explained: "I got messages from people I had spoken to maybe once all congratulating me. Some of my best friends shared the piece and wrote publicly they were proud of me.
"Strangers stalked me down on Facebook – some in a creepy way – but others to say thank you for writing the piece."
The pretty brunette was also relieved that her friends were 100% behind her decision to speak out.

She said: "I got to pre-drinks the night it was published, only for two of my best friends to make orgasm jokes the minute I walked in the room.

"But as with all good friendships, it became something they would wind me up about, but overall, it didn't change a thing."
And despite talking all about her masturbation habits in a national newspaper article, Megan’s parents were incredibly proud of her.
Although Megan did admit that some people used her article about anorgasmia to make cheap shots at her – like a girl she knew who lashed out when they were debating the general election.

The girl wrote on Facebook: "If politics was so important to you, you'd write less articles about your vagina and more about what really matters."
Given that Megan had also written articles about LGBT rights, mental health, the monarchy and feminism she didn't think the comment was fair – but it still made her feel awful.
She said: "I wrote about my vagina and so apparently that meant any opinion I had on anything else didn't matter.
"I was so proud of my article, but I didn't want to be the Orgasm Girl.
"And yet, now that is all some people see me as."

Of course, the student had quite a few creepy messages land in her inbox.
She said: "I don't know why men felt the need to track me down and proposition me, but apparently they did.
"One gem was the guy who tracked me down to say I just hadn't met the right man yet, but since I'm not too bad looking I'll be OK.
"He missed the whole point of the article – as well as insulting my boyfriend and knocking my self-esteem in the process."

Explaining the reason she did share her frustrating problem, Megan said: "It really wasn’t written for attention.
"I wrote it because the prioritisation of male orgasm over female is wrong. The average age a boy comes for the first time is 12 and for girls it’s 18.
"The article was about changing those facts. It was about getting women to demand more sexual pleasure for themselves. I am still amazed at the amount of women who fake orgasms.
"I didn’t want anyone else feeling ashamed or embarrassed or alone like I felt.
"If it did change how someone felt, even if it’s just a few people, then I don’t mind being Orgasm Girl and I will gladly write about my vagina again to stop people feeling that way."

Daily Star.

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