Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Wife 'Beat Husband For 30 Minutes' After Finding His SEX Toy

A woman has been charged after allegedly beating her husband for 30 minutes when she found his sex toy as they moved home.

Chao Gao, 48, was charged with battery after police were called to their home in Saratoga, Florida, US,the UK Mirror reports.

Boyfriend Joshua Sinclair called police and claimed he had been 'beaten, slapped and pinched on the face' repeatedly for around half an hour following the discovery.

She was said to have found the sex aid while packing up their belongings to move home and became angry when she learned it hadn't been bought for her.
According to a statement Sinclair gave to police:

"She grew furious and began to scream foul language at me and to beat and slap and pinch my face repeatedly for about a half hour."
She was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

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