Thursday, 18 February 2016

WATCH: Teenager Born With NO HANDS Becomes A Piano Superstar

A TEENAGER who was born with no hands has become an internet sensation – by playing the piano.
Alexei Romanov, 15, was abandoned by his parents after a birth defect left him with flipper-like hands.
He was brought up in a Russian orphanage until he was 12, when he was adopted by new parents who encouraged him to take up music.

Three years later, his astonishing performances are taking the internet by storm.

The talented teen, from Zelenogorsk in western Russia, was taught to play simple tunes because his adoptive parents thought it might improve his flexibility.
But he was soon making a name with his virtuosa performances.

His amazing performance of the Twilight theme, River Flows in You, composed by South Korean pianist Yiruma made him an overnight star across Russia with tens of thousands of social media and online fans.
He also won a place on the Russian talent show Zvezdi iz Zavtra, or Stars of Tomorrow.
Accompanied by a full orchestra, Alexei performed the song on the show to rapturous applause.
One fan said: "He's a star with or without his disability. He is an inspiration to everyone."

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