Saturday, 20 February 2016

My Ex-Publicist Didn’t Destroy Our Marriage - 9ice to Toni Payne

9ice has reacted to claims by his ex-wife that his former publicist contributed to their breakup. Speaking to Saturday Beats, he said 
“I saw the report that my ex-wife, Toni Payne, blamed my former publicist, Ayeni Adekunle, for our marriage failure. Ayeni did not break my marriage with Toni Payne. He was acting based on my instructions at the time. I don’t think he should be brought into this matter.
I have since apologised to my ex-wife and the public for what transpired six years ago and I have been forgiven by all parties. I really wish this incident doesn’t linger further because I have since moved on and I beg all parties involved to do the same. I am being careful and would not want to comment much on the issue of my previous marriage so that the matter would not escalate further than this. Once again, I would really appreciate it if all parties forget the past and forge ahead as there is still so much we can achieve through peace, love and happiness,” he said.
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