Sunday, 28 February 2016

Accountant Kills 14 Family Members, Then Hangs Himself

An accountant allegedly slaughtered 14 members of his own family, including seven children, with a butcher's knife before hanging himself.

Husnain Warerkar, 35, slit his relatives' throats during a family celebration in the Indian district of Thane in the early hours of today, police said.The victims included his parents, his wife and seven children.One of his sisters was the only survivor of the horrific attack, UK Mirror reports. 

The terrified woman was taken to a nearby hospital by neighbours after her brother slaughtered the rest of their family.

Neighbours described the alleged killer as a cheerful person who showed no signs of any psychological disorder.

"We came running. His sister was shouting from the window for us to save her.We saved her by breaking the window. When we tried to break through the door she asked us not to as her brother was holding a knife.
"My elder brother and I went to call the police."
Thane Police spokesman Gajanan Laxman Kabdule told Sky News that officers are still yet to speak with the sole survivor of the massacre.
 We still haven't been able to speak with the attacker's 21-year-old sister, the lone survivor of the attack, who is in deep trauma at a city hospital,"
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