Thursday, 17 December 2015

VIDEO: Man Tragically Plunges To His Death After Falling From Escalator While Christmas Shopping

A SIMPLE visit to a shopping mall proved fatal for a man who fell down an escalator onto another man walking below.

The shocking accident happened in one of the city malls of Kazan in central Russia's Republic of Tatarstan.
Almaz Fattakhov, 54, stumbled as he was getting on to the escalator.
As a result of that, he leaned over the side as he tried to stand up.
But he was caught off balance and fell over the side of the escalator nearly 100 feet to the ground below.

He died instantly in the fall while a pedestrian passing beneath him who he hit was badly hurt.

The innocent bystander was raced to hospital with broken bones and concussion.

An eyewitness to the accident, Laura Nastoyvia, said: "It was over in a heartbeat. I saw him stumble and I saw him drag himself upwards again.

"But he leaned about an inch too far over the handrail of the escalator and seemed to lose all sense of balance. Then he was gone and I heard children screaming.

"When I got to the bottom there was a lot of blood and I thought that two people had died.
"I waited until the medics came. The poor man he hit had apparently been doing some Christmas shopping for his kids. He was in a terrible state."
Elvira Gazizova, from the local police, said: "We are trying to gather more information on the matter. There are reports that the victim may have been intoxicated."

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