Friday, 11 December 2015

Meek Mill Pleads with Judge ... Nicki Minaj Won't Marry a Criminal or Bum

Meek Mill is in court right now fighting for his freedom and his girl ... his lawyer's telling the judge Nicki Minaj "would not marry a criminal or a bum."
Meek is in court on a probation violation ... because he violated the ground rules for leaving Philly. Meek's on probation for a 2009 drug and gun conviction, and one of the conditions of parole is getting approval before traveling. It looks like he violated the rules by going to L.A. for the AMAs.
Nicki is ready to testify on Meek's behalf. His lawyer told the judge his client and Nicki are serious about getting married.
Nicki added fuel to the fire by posting a pic Wednesday of a massive ring on her hand ... sure looks like an engagement ring.

Nicki Minaj did not reciprocate when she took the stand on behalf of her beleaguered boyfriend Meek Mill ... saying NOTHING about marrying him.
Meek's freedom is on the line, because he violated probation by failing to get permission to leave Philly for the AMA's last month. Permission is required since he's on probation for gun and drug charges.
Meek's lawyer told the judge his client seriously wants to marry Nicki, but she said nothing when she testified on his behalf. She did acknowledge they're in a romantic relationship.
Nicki did say she'd like to have a private sit down with Meek and the judge to prove he's a changed man. Nicki said the judge would be impressed with Meek's charity work and his frame of mind.
She also said Meek's kind of a nimrod when it comes to scheduling trips, and if she was put in charge of his calendar there wouldn't be another problem. Meek is currently her opening act.
Nicki and Meek have some convincing to do. At one point the judge said out loud, she felt like Meek was thumbing his nose at her.
The case was recessed for a week ... Meek could be sent back to the big house, worst case scenario.

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