Monday, 21 December 2015

Discover The Ultimate Multiple Orgasm Zone - The A Spot, Forget The G Spot

FORGET the G-spot, this is the key to sending her wild in the bedroom.

Everybody has heard of the G-spot and the clitoris, but there is another erogenous zone which can help women reach multiple orgasms.
The little known A-spot or AFE (anterior fornix erogenous) zone is a sensitive patch of tissue in the deepest part of the vagina.
It’s positioned beyond the G-spot so it’s harder to reach but if you can stimulate it then it’s said to give women a completely different sexual experience.
To reach the A-spot with your finger, put your index and middle finger inside her vagina but keep your thumb outside in a thumbs up position.

Doing this should make sure that your fingers are close to the vaginal wall hopefully hitting both the G-spot and AFE zone at the same time.
Begin by stroking the area and then start to move your fingers in-and-out along the upper wall to give your lover great satisfaction.
You can also try and reach the A-spot with your penis during sex.
To do this, it’s best for her to be on top with her stomach touching yours or in the reverse cowgirl position.

Although the zone is at the back of the vagina you don’t have to have a long penis to stimulate it.
While vaginal size can vary greatly between ladies a recent study found that the average length is less than three inches.
But remember that every woman is different and just because the A-spot is a hot zone for some ladies it doesn’t mean that all girls will enjoy being touched there.
Of course there’s plenty of other erogenous zones on a woman’s body and according to a new sex survey these are the top five areas that really get her revved up.

1. Chest Is Best
A whopping 34% of women said that their nipples were the part of their body that gave them the most sexual pleasure. So next time you want to get her in the mood, make sure to begin by tantalising her torso.
2. Necking On
It’s probably a forgotten area when it comes to foreplay, but amazingly the second hottest body part was a woman’s neck. Around 28% would like their lover to pay more attention to it.

3. Bottoms Up
The next top zone was a woman’s bum with 15% saying they found their behinds at the forefront of pleasure.
4. Back It Up
Another eye-opening result was that 6% of ladies liked their backs best. To spice things up, try caressing and stroking your partner’s spine and see how she responds.
5. Yummy Tummy
Coming in last but still making the top five was a woman’s stomach. Just 4% reckoned that it was the most attractive area.
The survey, conducted by SKYN Condoms and AMP agency, analysed the responses of 5,117 men and women aged 18 to 34 from the US.

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