Thursday, 26 November 2015

New Study Shows 43% Of Americans Have Negative Feelings Against Muslims

How do you feel about Muslims and the Syrian refugee crisis? A new study shows that most Americans don’t feel positively about them according to MIC reports.
Donald Trump has taken aim at a new group of immigrants to vilify: Syrian refugees. Since the terrorist attacks in Paris, Trump has ridden a wave of anti-Muslim rhetoric to widen his lead at the top of the polls.
Responding to a reporter’s question last week, Trump said the country must consider “unthinkable” responses to prevent terrorism in the wake of the Paris attacks, including setting up databases to track all Muslims in the United States. Those comments came just days after he declared that the U.S. should consider spying on or shutting down mosques to prevent the “absolute hatred coming from these areas.”

After a period of several weeks in which he saw his lead atop the Republican presidential field threatened, Trump is surging once again — this time with Muslims, not Mexicans, in his crosshairs.
But portraying Trump as a manipulative villain with the power to substantially move public opinion misses a crucial point: Trump’s positions on refugees and the treatment of Muslims mirrors the views of a large segment of the American public. Repugnant as Trump’s anti-Muslim comments may be, it’s important to recognize the extent to which he’s a reflection of deeply racist and Islamophobic portions of the U.S. population.

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