Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Halle Berry Says She Has No Clue Why David Justice Went Off - She Never Accused Him Of Hitting Her

As you probably know, David Justice went in on Halle Berry on Twitter today, warning her latest ex-husband to watch out for her public revenge by destroying his good character. He even got some cosigns from her other ex-husband Eric Benet on the matter.
But Halle says she has no idea what made David decide to hop in and give his two cents on her current divorce nor her as a person — not only because they haven’t dated in over 20 years, but also because she never once opened her mouth and said “David Justice beat me.” According to TMZ

Halle Berry has no idea what sparked David Justice’s tirade … but it appears she never said or even insinuated he attacked her.
Sources close to Halle tell TMZ the actress is upset that Justice put her on blast Tuesday, warning Olivier Martinez Halle would use her “Hollywood team” to destroy him.
Our Halle sources say the actress is adamant … she never claimed Justice struck her during their relationship.
We did some checking and could not find anything attributed to Halle pointing the finger at David. Lots of people assumed she was talking about David when she said back in the ’90s a former boyfriend struck her so hard on the side of the head she suffered hearing loss. Halle never ID’d the culprit and we’re told she never will.
It looks like David had some change of heart, because he began deleting portions of his accusations on Twitter.

David says Halle was mad, but clearly he’s the one who hasn’t let their past go. Even with whatever Halle may possibly have done to him or to his public image…is anything going on in her life NOW really any of his business??

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