Monday, 12 October 2015

Woman Passenger Tells Airport Security That Her 9cm Blade KNIFE is Just Hair Accessory

A WOMAN passenger tried to take a nine inch fruit knife on board a flight by sliding it into her hair.

Shockingly she told airport security it was an accessory for her mane.
It later emerged the odd passenger wanted to use the instrument to cut fruit she was carrying with her.
But unhappy security staff confiscated the knife off the strange woman before she was allowed on the flight.

Local media reported the Chinese woman was a visitor from Nanning in Guangxi and was travelling to Yunnan.
“She bought some fruits when travelling in Yunnan and worried that the waiting time to board would be long," said security worker Chen Zhijun.

"So she wanted to bring a fruit knife to cut up her food as a snack.” 
He added airport security staff regularly confiscate a wide array of items from travellers that obviously wouldn’t be allowed onto a flight.
These include large quantities of alcohol, and just this July gone , a lighter shaped like a grenade.
It later exploded, injuring a staff member’s hand.

That same weekend, a man caused havoc aboard a Shenzhen Airlines flight when he smuggle a lighter he managed to get past security.
He later started two fires on board, damaging a seat and part of a door.
The crazed man was arrested upon landing in Guangzhou in Guangdong.

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