Thursday, 15 October 2015

WATCH: Horrifying Moment A Plane Falls Apart During Takeoff

THIS is the horrifying moment a plane's engine starts to fall apart on takeoff – as seen by terrified passengers.
Footage shot through the aircraft's window shows the jet's turbine as it starts to wobble alarmingly in the wind.
Moments later its outer casing starts to peel away, leaving the innards exposed just as the plane leaves the ground.
The stomach-churning scene unfolded as Sky Airlines flight 112 left Santiago, Chile, for Copiapó on Wednesday.
After becoming aware of the problem, the plane had to return to the runway at Santiago airport.
Posting on its Twitter account, the airline said the flight suffered "partial detachment of one piece covering an engine".
It went on to say the passengers were never at risk and that all 137 of them made their journey on another flight.
The incident comes just days after an easyJet flight made an emergency landing when its pilot blacked out, leaving his co-pilot in charge.
The flight from Gatwick to Crete stopped in Venice, Italy, last Friday and passengers had to board a replacement to continue their journey.

Since being uploaded to YouTube yesterday, the takeoff footage has been viewed 42,000 times.
Sky Airlines is the second biggest in Chile and flies to Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia.

Daily Star.

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