Friday, 30 October 2015

I've Got NO Issues With Helen Paul - Comedian Gordons Speaks Out

Few weeks back at AY Live Port-Harcourt's edition, there was a melodrama on stage between 2 of Nigeria's popular comedians, Gordons and Helen Paul.
The two notable rib-crackers fought verbally on stage to the shock and amazement of the audience.
Since then, it has been rumoured that Helen Paul and Gordons are at lodger heads because of what transpired that night.
However, in a recent interview, Gordons decided to clear the air and insisted that he has no issue with Helen, because she is her daughter in the comedy industry.
"I am very shocked that the media is taking this whole thing to another level. That wasn’t what it was meant to be. We were just doing our thing. Helen and I can never have an issue because she is like a daughter to me, you know.
I expected that stuff to end there but I can’t really define correctly why it went the way it went, because we’re not quarreling and we’re not trying to be abusive. This is called ‘yabbing’. ‘Yabbing’ in comedy is allowed. If she comes up and says nasty things about me, and I say nasty things about her, it ends there. I have done this same thing with a lot of comedians. Some comedians will just hit you on stage," he told The Sun Newspapers.
Continuing, Gordons hinted that aside Helen, he has encountered same scenario with others on stage but they have all waved it aside.
"I was once in Eko Hotel where Princess hit me. I was the one on stage, she wasn’t. She hit me and I had to respond. In comedy, it is called spontaneity. I have to be spontaneous and I hit her back. I have done that with Bovi, Basket Mouth, Ali Baba, and I Go Die. I have done that with almost everybody, it’s just the way we do things as comedians.
But I was very shocked the way the media took it, because if they didn’t, nobody will even know that such things went on. For me, they are just making the girl feel bad, it’s not a quarrel; we never had a quarrel. Why should I be fighting with Helen Paul, anyway? We still have a long way to go, I have anchored a lot of events with her and I still have more to do with her in the future. For instance, next month I’m anchoring an event with her in London and I’m also doing another one with her in Abuja," he added.
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