Thursday, 15 October 2015

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Shameless Couple Rob Store At Gunpoint – With A Baby

A SHAMELESS couple rob a shop at gunpoint as their baby rests in their arms in shocking new footage.

The video shows the brazen pair as they enter the store with the child resting in dad's hands.
And after engaging with the shopkeeper, the duo appear to be leaving, but then dad hands the infant to mum and draws a gun.

Grabbing his victim by the neck, he then him marches towards the checkout and forces him to the floor as a henchman joins in, kicking the shopkeeper.
Leaving her baby on the floor, mum then gets to work looting the place, piling her ill-gotten gains into a bag as dad raids the till.

And she pays no mind as the child, who can't yet walk, crawls over towards the owner of the store.
The gang then make their escape, using a getaway car caught on camera outside the shop.

The shocking scene unfolded on Saturday in San Francisco Solano, south of Buenos Aires in Argentina.
Marcelo Taraborrelli, the store owner, told local news source Noticias SIN that he couldn't believe what happened.

He said: "Once look at the video and if you are a parent, you get goosebumps.
"How can you do that with a baby, beyond what they did to me – I can not believe it."

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