Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Timbaland Blows Off Estranged Wife’s Petition For Divorce — Faces Millions In Alimony And Child Support By Default

Timbaland’s estranged wife Monique Mosley may be done with their marriage of 7 years…but the music mogul certainly doesn’t seem interested in breaking things off just yet. Even though docs were officially filed against him earlier this year, Timb has decided to completely blow off the entire divorce proceeding in court. Now, a fed-up Monique has headed back to court demanding to be awarded the divorce she asked for — with or without his official legal response.
If you’ll recall, Monique slapped Timbaland (Timothy Mosley) with divorce papers back in October 2013 after a 15 year relationship — five of which were spent as husband and wife.
But nearly a year later, Monique quietly dismissed her petition for divorce, and it appeared that the couple had reconciled.

Apparently their reconciliation didn’t last for long. Monique served Timbaland with a fresh set of divorce papers on July 28th 2015. Florida law states that the defendant has 30 days to respond to the divorce filing, however as of September 2nd, Timbaland had yet to file any response in the divorce at all.
Monique headed back to court on September 3rd to ask the court to grant her a default divorce and award her all the support she requested in her original petition.
Monique’s original filing asked that the music mogul cough up a sizable child support payment — not only for the eight-year-old daughter the two share together, but also for her thirteen-year-old child from a previous relationship. According to Monique’s logic, Timbaland should be held financially responsible for both children since he had publicly and privately claimed the older as his own as well.
She also demanded compensation in the form of alimony — in permanent payments in addition to a lump sum paid out during divorce proceedings. In addition, Monique requested life insurance, private school costs, vacations, summer camp and other expenses. She also pleaded with the court to award her repayment of attorney fees as well, claiming she was personally so broke she had to borrow money from a friend to hire a divorce lawyer.
The judge has yet to make a ruling on her motion for default against the music mogul. Time will tell if Timbaland’s silence will cost him many years of fat checks in the future…

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