Thursday, 3 September 2015

The City of SEX Where Women Get ALL The Jobs and Jobless Men Have 'Three or More Girlfriends'

A CITY where men openly have two or three girlfriends has hit the headlines across the world.

The country's press has criticised Dongguan – an industrial powerhouse – where men can have several girlfriends at once – and women don't mind at all.
Pictures have been published of men holding, kissing or lying in bed with more than one woman.
A Yi – an unemployed worker – admitted his girlfriend paid his bills in a bid to stay with him.
The city – dubbed China's sex capital – in Guangdong province has a population of six million.

Many of the workers are young women who factory bosses trust with responsibilty over men.

China has a massive gender imbalance but women are drawn to Dongguan because they are more likely to get work.

And as a result unemployed men have plenty of time on their hands to look for girlfriends.
One man told local TV: "It is a lot easier here to find a girlfriend than a job."

Li Bin said he had three girlfriends who worked in factories.
He lives with one, is in a relationship with another and treats the third as a lover.
"They all know each other," Li Bin said.
"My third girlfriend works close by. She often looked sad so I went to talk to her.
"She proposed that we start dating. I told her "I already have two girlfriends, I can't have a third. We can be lovers', she agreed."

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