Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Taekwondo Champion 'Strangled Pregnant Girlfriend and Dumped Body Because He Didn't Want Baby'

Paulina Camargo Limon's last post on Facebook was an excited celebration of her impending motherhood - and then she disappeared.

A Taekwondo champion student has reportedly confessed to strangling his pregnant girlfriend and dumping her body - because he didn't want to be a dad.
Jose Maria Sosa Alvarez did not want the baby and demanded Paulina Camargo Limon have an abortion, according to police.
He reportedly tricked the 19-year-old into getting into a taxi with him saying he would accompany her on a visit to a gynaecologist.
But instead the 20-year-old athlete allegedly took her back to his apartment in La Margarita, in the city of Puebla, Mexico, where he beat and strangled her to death.

Hours earlier, tragic Paulina had posted her last message on Facebook, which read: "The best gift God could give me is the chance to be a mother: Leg pain, cramps, constipation, food cravings, being oversentimental, colitis, haha, all part of the job."

After she went missing her parents, Maria del Rocio Limon and Rolando Camargo, started a campaign through social networks to find her.
After repeated questioning by police, boyfriend, Sosa Alvarez, who is a student of Mechanical Engineering at the Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM), confessed and was arrested and charged with double homicide and kidnapping.
The girl’s remains are believed to be in a large plastic bag somewhere on a landfill site, but have not yet been found.
Despite Sosa Alvarez's apparent admission of guilt, his father and brother, Luis Alberto Sosa and Mario Vasquez, say he is innocent, Periodico Central reports.
A friend of the couple, Arturo Villegas Valencia, is also under investigation as it is believed he may have helped with the murder of the girl, according to the family lawyer Marisol Baro.
A similar case happened last year when pregnant Karla Lopez Albert, 30, was found dead in Tlahuac, in the Federal District state of central Mexico.
The father of the child, Manuel Forcelledo Nader as well as three accomplices, were arrested for her murder.
It's unclear when Sosa Alvarez will appear in court.
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