Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Man Who Posted Selfie With Corpse Arrested Over Girlfriend's Murder

A MAN has been arrested for murdering his girlfriend – after posting a SELFIE with her CORPSE.

Cops nabbed the suspect after the sick snap – uploaded with the caption "please forgive my selfish love" – went viral.
Authorities in Wuzhou – in southern China – have confirmed the arrest of a suspect with the surname Qin.

Qin and his girlfriend – whose surname was Lin – reportedly had a stormy relationship.
But their latest quarrel is said to have turned violent – resulting in Lin's death.

Qin then apparently uploaded a macabre photograph of his face next Lin's lifeless face and other images of the pair in happier times to Chinese social media site WeChat.
A manhunt was launched after thousands shared the pic and Quin was arrested after a nine-hour search.
Chinese police refused to comment on whether they had recovered the body of the young woman and the circumstances of her death.

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