Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Couple's Luckily Escape After Minivan Rolls into Lake While They're Having SEX

The duo who were overwhelmed with desire were making love in the minivan when it accidentally ended up in the lake

An amorous couple having sex in a minivan had a lucky escape when their minivan rolled into a lake mid-romp.
The duo were caught up in carnal enthusiasm in a late-night session in the cargo area of the 49-year-old man's company minivan when it started to move, reports Austrian daily newspaper, Heute.
Before he could stop it, he and his 42-year-old girlfriend ended up in the lake and had to escape through the windows.

They escaped just in time and swam to the shore uninjured.
Once safe, they called the fire brigade to retrieve the Mercedes minivan from Lake Plansee in Tirol, Austria.
A fire brigade spokesman said: "The vehicle had to be retrieved immediately as there was a risk it could cause pollution and damage the environment."
A crane retrieved the van from the bottom of the lake after a three-hour operation.
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