Monday, 14 September 2015

Bungling Jewel Thief Arrested with £180,000 Diamond Up Her Ass

A JEWEL thief got busted with a £180,000 diamond up her bottom after a doctor was called to rescue the stolen rock.

The soiled goods were pulled from the bungling thief's large intestine by a doctor with a colonoscope and medical pliers.
She had been arrested with a man on Thursday after surveillance caught them posing as buyers, and switching the jewel for a fake after asking to inspect it.
Despite denying involvement, X-rays showed a diamond-like object in the woman's intestine, causing her to confess.

Police decided on the delicate procedure after three days of waiting for nature to take its course, and after laxatives failed to do the job.

Colonel Mana Tienmaungpak said the Chinese woman, who was intercepted at Bangkok Airport, agreed to the procedure after being told she was risking internal injuries.
Aussie paper The Australian, reporting on the case, said the woman was identified by the rock's owner and the dealer who was selling the stone.

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