Monday, 10 August 2015

Singer, Brymo Admits He Has Now Learnt His Lesson

Singer, Brymo is seriously envisaging how his future is going to look like after considering the level at which he has gotten to within the time frame of his career.
The singer stated that he will be 30 in year 2016 and beliefs that there are more achievements ahead of him.
He explained that he has gone through a lot and that has made him learn lots of lessons and will not allow his past to hunt him but to remain focus.

“Next year I'll be thirty, and it feels so good to have accomplished all that I have and there's more to come. I have learnt my lessons through the fall and now the worst is behind me. May I continue to be a blessing to my generation, may I continue to thrive in the presence of my foes. May I continue to forget, to always remember to recollect,” he wrote. 

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