Wednesday, 26 August 2015

SHOCKING VIDEO: Evil Stepdad Allows 3 Year Old Girl Drown in Hotel Pool

The horrific footage shows the youngster struggling to swim as her cruel killer launching her into a deep hotel swimming pool.
On several occasions, the stepdad is seen recklessly throwing her in like a rag doll.
The heavyset man towers over the tiny tot as he continues to physically abuse the child.
Some sunbathers are seen looking on as others leave the area as the brutish behaviour continues.

In footage – which is too sickening to show – the beast then takes several attempts to drown the toddler while the mother slept in her room.

He eventually kills her and puts her body in his car boot as if nothing happened.
The stunned mother realised something is not right and immediately called the police.
Her body was later discovered and the man has been charged with murder.

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