Monday, 31 August 2015

Pictures of Man with No Arms Feeding Bedridden Mother by Mouth Go Viral

A man who lost his arms at the age of seven has overcome his injuries to care for his elderly mother. And now, he has also won the admiration of others after images of him feeding her went viral in China.

Chen Xinyin, from a poor village in Chongqing, south-west China, lost his arms after receiving an electric shock as a young boy. His father died 28 years ago and his older siblings subsequently left the village to marry and build homes elsewhere, leaving him and his mother behind.
In July, his mother became paralysed leaving him responsible for her care. He is pictured above feeding his 91-year-old mother meals by using an instrument held between his teeth. 

The 48-year-old eventually learned how to cook, plant wheat, peel corn and even weave baskets with his feet. Now, he also looks after the family plot, in addition to a flock of 24 sheep, two buffaloes and four hens. 

Using his feet all year round has taken its toll and the farmer suffers severely from frostbite in the winter.

In China, people with disabilities such as Mr Chen’s often turn to begging as a source of income finding other avenues of employment closed to them. However, Mr Chen has chosen not to take charity.
"I have no arms but I have good feet," reported local news agencies.

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