Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Everyone Needs Haters - Gabriel Afolayan

Nollywood star, Gabriel Afolayan, has said he would love to have more haters so as to become more successful.
The actor-cum-singer disclosed that his critics are God’s logical blessings needed to attain greater heights in life.
He said, "Why do you hate on your haters so much when they are indeed God's logical blessing. They help indirectly to push your talent in the direction where God wants it.

"He deafens their ears yet so you can work on yourself and be better at what you do before he unlocks them. The more haters I have, the better I'm ready to get (if I don't give up), and that favors me well. Haters help you get better. So I'm saying, Shout out to my haters, 'Keep it up'."

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