Saturday, 18 July 2015

Scott Disick and Kourtney Declares War Over Chick Pictures

Scott Disick was a good dad this week, which actually pleased Kourtney Kardashian ... he was also a man whore, which really pissed her off.
We're told Kourtney is livid over these pics, showing a bevy of chicks making their way in and out of his house, including one wearing his bathrobe. She thinks he's rubbing her nose in the breakup.
But our sources say Kourtney is especially upset because Scott threw the party hours after she allowed him back in the family house to visit with their 3 kids.
Kourtney gave Scott run of the house Wednesday when she was at the ESPYs. She figured it was a way they might create some sort of civilized relationship for the benefit of the kids.
The party put an end to peace talks. 
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