Sunday, 19 July 2015

Man Boasts About Having SEX in Bar Toilet… Staff Get Quick Revenge .... See Photos

A drinker who couldn’t wait to get home to get his end away decided not only to shag the girl he was with in the toilets at a pub, but he also thought it wise to brag about it.

Armed with a black marker he wrote ‘Philip Smith had sex in here, f***ing love this pub XD’ before disappearing again into the night.

However, Philip Smith’s antics in the Dublin pub were perhaps not as impressive as he would have us believe.

The staff responded with a sarcastic note that read: ‘We know you did Philip, but in the 20 seconds it took us to fetch the doorman you had finished!!! – But fair play…. regards, the staff.’

Let’s hope Philip managed to get a round two in and lasted a little longer this time.

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