Monday, 1 June 2015

WATCH: Shocking Video Shows Rihanna Farting In The Bathtub

RIHANNA is the subject of a hilarious new spoof video that sees the gorgeous pop star acting less than lady-like.

Youtube user Mario Wienerroither has created the music-less clip from Rihanna's Stay video.
Instead of music, viewers can hear grunting, groans, strains and even the star letting one rip.
Mario has expertly turned what used to be a sexy clip into something less appealing, but extremely funny.

The American Oxygen singer recently glammed-up for a preview of her new song 'Only If For A Night', which soundtracks an upcoming Dior campaign and samples Florence + the Machine's song Ceremonials.

Rihanna's highly-anticipated eighth studio album is expected to be released later this year, as the star continues to work on new material for the collection.
It will serve as the follow-up to 2012's Unapologetic and marks the longest period between albums in Rihanna's career so far.
She is also reported to be in the middle of a heated legal battle with DC comics after her company Roraj Trade registered the trademark 'Robyn' for "online non-downloadable general feature magazines".
DC comics is claiming the name is too similar to that of Batman's crime fighting sidekick Robin.
The company holds numerous trademarks for Batman's partner, who has been portrayed by various characters since his introduction in 1940.

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