Friday, 5 June 2015

Twins Survive After Drunk Driver Smashes Into Their Buggy

Two baby twins in Crimea remarkably survived after a driver ten times over the limit ploughed into their buggy.

A mother was pushing her one-year-old children through a park in Sevastopol when an out-of-control Lada came hurtling towards them and slammed into the pram, launching it into the air.

Incredibly, the babies survived the impact. Their hysterical mother was seen cradling her bloody and crying children in disbelief.

‘I was going for a walk when I saw this car suddenly go onto the grass and head towards the mum and her children,’ said Marina Matveeva, 54, who saw the incident.

‘When it hit them, the stroller went spinning through the air and one of the babies landed very near to the car’s rear wheel.

‘The driver was about to reverse, but the mother screamed so loudly he stopped.
‘If he hadn’t [stopped] he would have surely crushed the baby. She threw her body over theirs to protect them.’

Police arrived moments later and questioned the driver as paramedics rushed the babies to hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries.

The driver claimed he was trying to avoid an oncoming car, but officers quickly found he was more than ten times over the legal alcohol limit.

He faces charges of drinking and driving as well as endangering the lives of others.

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