Saturday, 6 June 2015

Man Stabbed 'For Kicking His Friends Out of WhatsApp Group Chat'

A MAN was reportedly stabbed because he kicked two friends out of a group text message.

Bunty Kurseja was attacked at his clothes shop after removing Anil Mukhi and Naresh Rohra from a WhatsApp conversation, according to reports.
The pair apparently posted porn in the group, which Kurseja, 30, set up to discuss the clothes industry.
It's claimed that Kurseja warned them about posting the X-rated photos – but they carried on anyway.
He reportedly removed them from the chat a few days later – and they hired two friends to get their revenge at his shop in Ulhasnagar, India.

According to a cop, one of the men behind the alleged attack has been caught and will appear in court soon.
Manoj Chouhan said: "We have got footage of the shop's CCTV, where it is clearly seen that the victim was attacked with a knife by the accused."
WhatsApp is one of the world's most popular smartphone apps, with 700million users sending over 30billion messages every day.

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