Saturday, 6 June 2015

Actor Samuel L Jackson Reveals He Was Once A Cheerleader So He Could Meet Women

Who wants a unique romance tip from the effortlessly suave Samuel L Jackson?

Back in the days before he was a Hollywood superstar, he went to serious lengths in order to meet women. Yep, the tough guy from Pulp Fiction was once a cheerleader.

Speaking to Graham Norton as part of the hit BBC chat show, Jackson explained: ‘I became a cheerleader but it wasn’t just to meet a woman, I wanted to travel all the places the team went to meet women. I had megaphones and just called out to the girls who then danced.  I went to an all boys school and I was the only volunteer to be a cheerleader that year!’
Somehow, this makes him even cooler in our eyes.

He also revealed that there was no turning down his wife’s marriage proposal, telling Norton: ‘My wife is very direct.  We had been living together 10 years and I just came in one day and she gave me our wedding invitation and said, “Be there.”  I was there.  I did not miss it!’

So even the legendary Samuel L Jackson is scared of someone! He was also discussing his critically acclaimed appearance in Avengers: Age Of Ultron as part of the chat.

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