Thursday, 11 June 2015

Father Blinds His Baby Daughter With A CHOPSTICK

A nine-month-old baby has been blinded in one eye with a chopstick in a brutal attack by her father in central China, after a family dispute over money. 
The incident happened after the father, Shi Honglei, had argued with other family members over money. 
Shi Qianxuan was covered in blood, her left eye almost out of its socket and eyelid torn open when her grandmother found her in their house in rural Henan province last month, reported People's Daily Online.

The girl lives with grandmother Feng Fulan, who had left the house that morning for a few minutes to borrow a neighbour's farming tools when the horrific attack happened.
Grief-stricken Ms Feng said: 'I went out to borrow some stuff, then it happened'. 

The baby was rushed to hospital but doctors were unable to do anything to save the eye. 

The baby's mother Zheng Ni is disabled, and the whole family relies on the grandmother to grow crops to support them. 
The family are struggling to make ends meet, which led to an argument between the father and other family members. 
According to local reports, the father suffers with schizophrenia and is currently being held in a psychiatric hospital. 

The baby girl is currently being treated in Henan People's Hospital, where she is receiving plastic surgery.
However, the family cannot afford the hospital fees of 3,000 Yuan (£310) a day and the whole village has helped to raise funds to pay for the treatment.  
The incident is being investigated by police. 

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