Sunday, 21 June 2015

Driver Escapes Death After Giant Saw Slices His Car

A MOTORIST narrowly dodged death after a giant circular saw sliced his car.

The man was driving along the road when he heard a ear-piercing bang coming from the lane in the opposite direction.
The terrified man then saw a massive circular blade hurtling towards his car through the bushes of the central reservation.
It smashed into the front of his car with such sheer force, it sliced around 50cm into the bonnet.

Luckily the man escaped unhurt but was left shaken following the freaky accident in Chongqing in western China.
Traffic police said another truck had crashed in the opposite lane and the blade had been thrown into the road off that vehicle.

Last year a motorist captured the moment seven trees fell on a highway in front of motorists in Australia.
Ron Cooper filmed the footage using a dash cam and uploaded the video on YouTube.
It shows Cooper driving on the Black Spur between Healesville and Narbethong.

He was forced to slam the brakes as the first tree fell inches from his car.
Six others collapsed onto the road like a "deck of cards".
"One more second - in fact even part of a second - would have put me either under the tree or into the tree," Cooper told the Herald Sun at the time.
No one was hurt.

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