Thursday, 18 June 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger Survives Getting Hit By A Bus In London

A LONDON bus almost terminated Hollywood legend Arnie – but of course he survived. We can't speak for the condition of the bus after the collision with his superhuman shell though...

The Terminator star is in London to promote his latest blockbuster but while he's here he decided to show off his real life super strength by survivung getting hit by a bus.
Schwarzenegger decided to fit in a spot of sightseeing while he's in the capital and chose a Boris bike to do it on.
Sending a Snapchat video to his fans the action hero showed off some of the hotspots he visited this morning – including Leicester Square, Regent's Park and our personal fave "Picadilly Square".
But the daredevil laughed in the face of health and safety by deciding not to wear a helmet when he almost got bumped off by the bus.
One fan took to Twitter to check Arnie was doing ok after the near death experience.

Dan Morgan tweeted: "On the bus to work, and genuinely just nearly ran over @Schwarzenegger riding a Boris bike across Piccadilly Circus #nohelmet #illbeback"
The Twins, True Lies and Total Recall (does he only do films that begin with the letter T?!) star reassured his followers that he was doing fine – but the bus might not have been so lucky.
After several people claimed to have nearly ploughed into the actor, Arnie said: "In case I do get hit, can you give me a list of bodyshops so I know where to direct the drivers to fix their cars?"
The actor returns to our screens in Terminator Genisys which sees him play an ageing terminator who is attempting to stop Judgement Day.

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