Saturday, 13 June 2015

Adolf Hitler May Have Hidden A Treasure Map Leading To A £50M Haul In A Sheet Of Music

A man claims to have located £50m worth of Nazi treasure after deciphering a code in a sheet of music.

What’s more surprising is Cyril Whistler has released the name of the burial spot instead of going to claim the diamonds and gold for himself.

They’re located in Mittenwald, Germany, according to the ‘map’ found in Gottfried Federlein’s Marsch-Impromptu score.

The route was supposedly put there by Martin Bormann, who was Adolf Hitler’s secretary.
‘The more I studied the piece, the more I discovered. The letters, the number and the signs reveal a route,’ Dutch violin maker Whistler told the Express.

‘I soon discovered a typical number… that returns over and over again, between the bars as well as encrypted throughout the score.’

But there’s a slight hitch that might explain Whistler’s reluctance to go and fetch the 100 gold bars and diamonds for himself.

They’re apparently on land owned by the German army and he needs permission to start digging.

Although he denies he is interested in expensive stash, nicknamed Tears of the Wolf, despite spending two years working out the code.

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