Thursday, 28 May 2015

Shocking Video Emerges Of Ruthless Father Dragging Son By ROPE Around His NECK

AN EYE-OPENING video has emerged online showing a vile dad pulling his misbehaving son with a rope around his neck.

The angry father was filmed dragging his young son out of his car to their home.
During the clip, which was secretly filmed by a nearby resident, the dad is heard screaming: "I might as well treat you like a dog."
Local Chan Fu, who filmed the harrowing incident, said: "I heard a child screaming and when I looked I saw the man trying to drag the child out of the car and he was clearly refusing to go.
"I grabbed my telephone and started filming it because I wanted to give it to the police."
Cops got in touch with the ruthless father after the video – filmed in Jinhua City, China – went viral.
He told officers he had lost his temper because his son should have been studying rather than out playing with friends.
He apologised and was not charged by police.

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