Saturday, 30 May 2015

Caught RED Handed: MP Spotted Watching Porn On His Phone in Parliament, Then Shares It With Eager Mates

A POLITICIAN was caught watching an x-rated adult video on his mobile phone – and showing it off to his mates – during a session in parliament.

MP Joao Rodrigues was snapped looking at a video on his phone he had hidden under his desk.
At times he even shares the naughty videos with other members of parliament.
When the Brazilian MP – a member of the ruling Social Democratic Party – was looking at his phone the Chamber of Deputies was in full session debating and voting on electoral reform.

Rodrigues had also been given an invitation to attend a mass at the headquarters of Bishops of Brazil – which was spotted on his desk while he was distracted by the blue movie.

Local media published a photo of what was on his mobile phone screen at the time, and described it as a woman "in obscene positions, very obscene."
The MP took to Facebook to defend watching the x-rated scenes while at work.
He said he received the video through a group conversation on Whatsapp and was on the verge of deleting it.

Rodrigues said: "I participate in nearly a hundred groups on WhatsApp and during the day I search and separate the wheat from the chaff.
"What interests me I keep or forward and what doesn’t interest me, I delete.
"It was just what I was doing, erasing the rubbish."
The legislator said that not only did he erase the video, he also blocked the sender as the video annoyed him.

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