Tuesday, 4 June 2013

[Photos] Hot Israeli Female Soldiers Disciplined For Unbecoming Behavior!

Sex Is A Weapon: Looks pretty becoming from over here… Four wannabe Bar Rafaeli’s were caught doing the lingerie act in combat gear thanks to Facebook.
Scantily clad Israeli soldiers have been busted showing off their non-military assets.
 Four female fighters were disciplined after snaps of them dressed only in underwear and combat gear appeared on Facebook.
The images then made their way to Israeli news site Walla. In one of the pictures, the hot warriors are seen removing their fatigues to show their butts. Another shows them posing in a barracks room, wearing only helmets and minimal military equipment.
Army bosses said the group was punished for its “unbecoming behavior.” Walla blurred the women’s faces, saying they were new recruits on a base in the south of the country.
In a statement, the military added: “The commanding officers disciplined the soldiers as they saw fitting.” It declined to name the soldiers or say exactly how they were punished.



  1. Sexyyyyyyyyy,, exploring der youth, cracked me up

  2. I would fight for that...