Monday, 20 May 2013

Meet The Man Who Killed & Set 14-Year-Old Girlfriend On Fire Because He Thought She was Pregnant

The man accused of killing a 14-year-old Brooklyn teen did so because she allegedly told him she was pregnant with his child and refused to have an abortion, according to the New York Daily News.
Christian Ferdinand, 20, admitted to killing Shaniesha Forbes, officials said. He is charged with homicide by asphyxiation. Authorities arrested him in Maine.
Despite Ferdinand’s pregnancy claims, the city’s medical examiner noted Forbes wasn’t pregnant at the time of her death. His alleged words and the official findings set off Forbes’ cousin.
“You had the courage and the balls to kill her but you couldn’t go to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test to find out if it was true?” Kerri Ann Thomas said in Brooklyn Federal Court. “That makes no sense.”

Forbes’ body was found naked and charred on Gerritsen Beach Jan. 6. She had run away from home earlier that month, saying she was going to school. Ferdinand smothered her to death in his cousin’s Nostrand Avenue apartment after she decided against abortion, officials claim.
He then kept Forbes’ body in a suitcase for two days before dumping it at the beach. Ferdinand tried setting the body ablaze, but the fire extinguished before he could do so. The New York medical examiner ruled Shaniesha’s death homicide by asphyxiation in April after the office found that her “lungs did not contain soot, proving that she was killed before being burned on her legs, arms and hands.”
She wasn’t even pregnant but this idiot killed her. Are you serious?!!? We hope they put this scumbag under the jail!

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