Saturday, 30 July 2016

Those Who Condemned Kano Film Village Project Are Hypocrites – Fidelis Duker

The Nollywood industry was taken aback when it was reported earlier in the week that the Federal Government had cancelled the N3.7bn film village it had planned to build in Kano State.
It was reported that the clerics in the state had kicked against the project, saying it would promote immorality.
However, reacting to the move, popular filmmaker, Fidelis Duker, said it was unfortunate that such a laudable project had to be stopped because of such views.
“I was shocked when I heard the project had been cancelled. You need to look at the positive aspect of this film village. It would attract tourism; it would improve economy and create a viable industry for the region, not only to Kano.

“I think it is only a sign of hypocrisy by those who are complaining.  In those regions, you still have hotels where some of them sneak into. In the last 20 years, films have been made in Kano. Are those films immoral? They even copy the Indian style of films. It is strange.”
Duker said such a move would be a setback for the film industry in that region
“There are several other states that should be interested in it if Kano doesn’t want it. There are states that are not averse to it.  For me, they are the losers. They are the ones who lost out and not any of us. They would have used this opportunity to put the state in a global limelight.”
In his own reaction, the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Ike, said those who called for the cancellation of the project are “ignorant”.
 “I think it is ignorance on the part of anybody who kicks against the establishment of a film village in the North. These people forget that if the film village is established in Kano, it could help propagate Islam. Through movie making, drama, musicals, they could actually preach to the world the doctrine of Islam.
“Already, there is a movie industry in the north – Kannywood – and they are doing well; they produce movies already and you cannot kick them out. Establishing a film village for them would help boost their economy. It is to their advantage. But the ignorant people are those against the establishment of the film village. The government should also remember that a lot of youths can be employed. Religion will not put food on your table; you cannot take religion as a vocation except you are an Islamic cleric.
“I feel it is weird that anyone would kick against development because Kano would be more developed if the film village is established. However, if the north does not want a film village, they should come to the south and establish it. We would gladly receive it and appreciate such development,” he said.
For actress Kate Henshaw, the project should be situated elsewhere if the people of Kano State are not comfortable with it in their state.
“If the people are against building a film village in their area, then they should take it elsewhere. It is not a difficult situation at all.   The people obviously do not want it; would you force it on them? If it is something that will cause problem for them, I think they have the right to refuse it. That is my own understanding. I do not think it is a big problem. If you are trying to situate an edifice somewhere and the people kick against it, move it, relocate it to a place where it would be appreciated.
“A film village is supposed to benefit the whole country and not a particular area. If it is supposed to help a particular area but they do not want it, you cannot force it on those who do not want it,” she said.

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